Thursday, 3 May 2012

display ideas

After waiting two weeks for enough sun (this is West Dorset...), it finally came out for two hours on Wednesday and I quickly made cyanotype print maps of Brighton covering the routes I walked when looking for litter. Prints scrunched and ready to throw in the bin.

This is the first bunch of earthenware casts I made from collected litter. Casts pretty crude but were first step in getting towards more refined porcelain versions. These have just been dipped in an unbelievably thick white glaze.... I expect some crawling (I would have thinned it right down but it was a big new batch at school)

A rather ugly ceramic bin made of coils of crank. Originally glazed grey but the pink clay showed through where glaze not thick enough (glazing seems to be a perennial problem for me). In the end I spray painted it white which is an improvement.

Put the three together...

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