Wednesday, 16 May 2012

pulling it together

Last few weeks of project, trying to tie up loose ends. Firstly the bin/print piece. Still not sure about this one but might suggest having it in the corner of the gallery and see how many people add their litter to it... The concept is strong but the execution not so good - think its the rough quality of my bin that is really letting it down.

I always intended to take my litter casts back to where I found their source material and re photograph them. I liked the idea of extending this to leaving behind the porcelain casts with a note asking people to take them home and post photos to a tumblr account of the pots in their new homes... taking recycling even further... This has had to remain a proposal for now as run out of time, something to investigate in the future.

A belgian margarine tub from the beach by Black Rock

a polystyrene coffee cup from The Level

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